Thank yous

“To all 4-streets…
Thank you for all your help and kindness whilst I was on the streets. 
I am now in temporary accommodation and things are going ok.”

July 2021

“Vouchers are a greatly innovative idea, a fantastic solution to minimise the spread of Covid-19.”

The Levels School 
January 2021  

“You guys are amazing. Fantastic job as always”

January 2021 

“Your work is fantastic. I hope the local community are generous. Donation done.”

January 2021 

“Wonderful, you guys are amazing 👏🏻🙏🏻”

January 2021 

“This is great! Keep up the good work”

January 2021 

“The true spirit of loving kindness to others x”

January 2021

“What you do is amazing”

December 2020

“Thank you all you do. Donation made. ❤️❤️”

December 2020

“Well done, thank you for all you do”

December 2020

“Amazing work! I love your new hub too! Well done ❤️”

December 2020

“Amazing job you’re doing ⭐️”

October 2020

“Utterly amazing”

October 2020

“Great job with the hygiene kits! Nicely done”

September 2020

“Amazing work. Well done all “

July 2020

“Love it! Keep up the good deeds ❤️❤️❤️”

June 2020

June 2020

“X did a talk last night at our sister-in-law’s ladies group and wanted to donate his expenses to Four Streets. 

Mrs B
March 2020

“Please find enclosed a donation towards the work, the wonderful work, that you do for the homeless in our city.

When my uncle, X , died we set up a charitable trust. I am sure that he would be delighted to know that this donation will be used to help many desperate and underprivileged people having to sleep rough in our city.

Every good wish, Y “

March 2020

“You do such a great job”

C C ,
February 2020

“Well done for all you do! It’s amazing”

A D,
February 2020

“Thank you for all you do, you’re amazing “

G D,
February 2020

“It’s people like you Donna – that make the world a better place

J S,
February 2020

“Well done Four Streets! Keep up the amazing work!”

A R,
January 2020

“Thank you for the good work you do”

S G,
January 2020

“Thank God there are people like you in the world. Such selfless work. “

T L-S,
January 2020

“Well done Four Streets for your amazing selfless work”

C G,
January 2020

“The work you do is so encouraging and inspirational, I hope you get all the support you need to keep up this important work.”

S K,
January 2020

“You are amazing. Thank you Donna and Team for doing what many of us would like to do. You put thoughts into action and make a difference.”

J L,
January 2020

“Much love to The Chichester Four Streets Project for all you do.”

Mr C G,
January 2020

“You’re an inspiration. Thanks so much for your kindness.

T W,
December 2019

“Just want to say you do amazing work”

T Z ,
December 2019

“To 4 Streets, Many thanks for all you do, much appreciated, God bless our angels!”

Ms J and Mr A, Service users, The Four Streets Project
December 2019

“The enclosed cheque for Four Streets comes from the Slindon village harvest supper. I hope the project continues to go from strength to strength, and well done for all your school visits and talks recently!”

R, Chichester
October 2019

“To all at the Four Streets team, with many thanks for all you have done for me over the past year, with love and affection you all will be in my thoughts and in my heart.”

Anonymous, Chichester
October 2019

“On World Homeless Day, God bless you for the work that you do.”

Anonymous donor, Chichester
October 2019

“I know my secretary has been in touch with you recently regarding the work of Orving Community Watch. We held our October tea party on the 30th and the proceeds of our raffle are enclosed for your work in the Chichester area with the homeless.”

A, Chichester
October 2019

“Well thank goodness for you and Four Streets Project – there seems to be more and more people in need on the streets of Chichester now…..thank you so much for your prompt reply”

D S, Chichester
October 2019

“My night angels – thank you for your amazing support”

Ms J – supported on the streets by The Four Streets Project
March 2019

“Thank you to you all, even when I shouted at you I was glad you came. It gave structure to my evenings knowing you would always come and reminded me I was worth something not worthless. You were my lifeline.”

Ms M – supported by the Four Streets
Now in housing and no longer on the streets
February 2019

“The work you and Four Streets do is brilliant, it makes me feel so uplifted, even when everything else is going wrong”

Female M, Four Streets recipient
April 2018

“Thank you Donna, and please say thank you to your Four Streets team for supporting me at what was the darkest time in my life. I’m in a better place now, but I will never forget your kindness and support, you do such amazing work”

Female A, Former Four Streets recipient
April 2018

“Donna, and the guys who you work alongside in Four Streets are awesome, you all do so much for people like myself: those in a bad place. There were three of us when you started up Four Streets and we will never forget us receiving hot food on your plates. All three of us have now moved on, I want to say a massive thank you.”

Male J, Former Four Streets recipient
April 2018
PS: We still have your plates!

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