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March 2019

Donna Ockenden is the founder of The Four Streets Project in Chichester and in a recent article in the Sussex Post she talks about being homeless herself and having the responsibility of her younger siblings. This experience means that Donna is especially keen to do what she can to assist those living on the streets of the city alongside a group of local volunteers.

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February 2019

Chichester’s Community Coat Rack has its final day for this winter. Donna Ockenden, the organiser, has been delighted with the success of this year’s project. It could not be done without everyone who has donated or helped out and so many people in need have benefitted from this initiative, which is in its third successful year.

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February 2019

Chichester residents who have had a significant effect on the city were recognised for their work at a city council ceremony. Donna Ockenden, who set up The Four Streets Project, which sees volunteers walk through the city speaking to and helping rough sleepers, was presented with an award. Receiving the award, Donna said she was ‘really pleased’ and continued with: “I think it is important to say that the award is for me personally but I consider it to be on behalf of the many volunteers who make up the Four Streets Project and of course we’d be nothing without the people we look after and care for in Chichester

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December 2018

The Community coat rack in Chichester was so successful it ran past Christmas. Supported by the Chichester Post, the coat rack held under the arches at the Assembly Rooms in the city centre has seen hundreds of coats donated and collected by those in need. Donna Ockenden, who set up the initiative said the people of Chichester had been incredibly generous and there was no sign of donations or collections slowing down.

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June 2018

Volunteers from The Four Streets Project were invited to an evening of singing Bernsteins music as part of a yearlong festival in Chichester. The event was held in the Assembly Rooms as a thank you from the community to volunteers.

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April 2018

Donna Ockenden’s daughter, Phoebe, has won an award for her voluntary work for the homeless charity – The Four Streets Project. Phoebe received the Young Citizen of the Year award at the Chichester City Council ceremony in March. Phoebe is one of 26 volunteers who hand out much needed food and supplies every evening to those living on the streets of the city.

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February 2018

Back in November Donna Ockenden, the founder of The Four Streets Project, approached Purchases Restaurant in North Street Chichester for help with providing nutritious, tasty and hot food for the homeless people her team work with. Those who are living on the streets are desperate for a hot evening meal and Purchases have been a huge support in creating a tasty and wholesome soup for the cold nights.

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November 2017

The 2017 Chichester Observer Community Awards took place at the beginning of December and The Shirley Henry Award was won by Donna Ockenden. Donna was unable to make the night so members of The Four Streets Project collected it on her behalf and spoke about the work they do feeding Chichester’s homeless every night. The initiative was founded by Donna in January 2017 and every night at least two volunteers have been out in the city centre supporting those in need.

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November 2017

With more and more people now living on the streets of West Sussex volunteers and charity groups are seeking more helpers to join their endeavours. The local newspaper; Chichester Observer, talks to people who are homeless and the charities who are supporting them as much as they can.

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