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December 2020

How can you help The Four Streets Project this winter?

Without very generous donations from the public we could not help those in need on the streets of Chichester. We’ve had some fantastic support this year, so we’re now really well stocked with many items.  Thank you to everyone who has donated!

Because of COVID19, we now only accept new items still in their original packaging and we can no longer accept any hand knitted items (scarves, hats etc).  We can also not accept second hand items – even if they are in very good condition.

Should you be in a position to help please take a look at the list below for items we need.

  • 60 litre (very large) Rucksacks
  • Foil backed roll mats
  • Winter Sleeping bags
  • Tents
  • 2 litre Thermos flasks

Or visit amazon to view our wish list here: 

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Thank you so much for your ongoing support 

The Four Streets Project says Thank You to Boxgrove C of E School

The Four Streets Project said a huge thank you to staff and children at Boxgrove C of E School  following a very successful Harvest collection by the school. Donna Ockenden, Founder of The Four Streets Project visited the school to collect the Harvest gifts and to thank children and staff in person. The children had been discussing the theme of compassion in their lessons and it was from there that the idea of supporting The  Four Streets Project as  a local charity  working within Chichester city centre came.  Donna said: ‘At this difficult time during the current Covid pandemic it was lovely to meet such kind and thoughtful children. The Harvest gifts from Boxgrove School will be put to immediate good use in supporting homeless, hungry and vulnerable people in Chichester. Thank you from all of us at The Four Streets Project and a very big thank you from the people we help every night.

November 2020

5500 meals provided this year!

The Four Streets Project is immensely proud that by the end of October our volunteers have provided 5500 meals to date. Through the huge challenge of COVID-19 and having moved home twice – the volunteers of The Four Streets Project have- as always – never missed a night. Founder and Trustee of The Four Streets Project Donna Ockenden said ‘At The Four Streets Project we ensure that everyone we meet and help is treated with kindness and compassion. Our supper club guests – who are the homeless, the hungry and the vulnerable of Chichester tell us every night how we make a difference to them. It is a privilege to be able to show we care.’

September 2020

During the Covid pandemic The Four Streets Project completely changed the way it worked as a  charity  – ensuring the safety of volunteers and the people we care for. We continued to operate an ‘every night’ service based at St Pancras Church   and were proud to work in partnership with Chichester City and District Councils and Stonepillow. We were delighted to be asked to write about our experiences by The Chichester Society and their article is below (click on the image to download PDF):

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August 2020

The photo below show our lovely volunteers Andy and Alistair receiving a water delivery from local business owners Dawn and Rob Bunker – who own / run Fenwicks Cafe in Priory Park Chichester. Not only do Dawn and Rob donate water to us  free of charge – but they deliver to our door too!

Thank you so much! 

The photos above show lovely volunteers Susie and Gerry preparing another nights amazing food for the homeless & hungry donated by Marks & Spencer’s in East Chichester (thank you – team M and S!) alongside delicious home made soup made by volunteer Fiona. 

Thank you to everyone who supports us – with time, kindness, food donations, grant applications, shopping &  fundraising. EVERYTHING makes a difference! 

July 2020

The Four Streets Project Success During Covid 19

The Four Streets Project has run throughout lockdown at St Pancras Church. Covid 19 has impacted  companies significantly and this means they are no longer able to provide  The Four Streets Project with free of charge/ end of day food supplies. The Four Streets Project are now appealing for support from local restaurants and take-away to help with food supplies. The charity are willing to offer a donation  towards the cost of food provided.

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July 2020

We are delighted to announce a very generous grant of £5,000.00 from the Sussex Community Foundation. Watch this video to hear from Donna Ockenden our Founder how the grant helped us support hungry and vulnerable people throughout Covid 19.

June 2020

From Monday 29th June – The Four Streets Project has a new home. We will continue our Covid 19 ‘takeaway supper club’ for the homeless, hungry and vulnerable 7 nights a week at St Paul’s Church, Churchside – near the Fire Station. Please come to the church by 730pm. We will be serving until 8pm. You will see the same friendly and caring volunteers with the usual tasty food and soup – we just have a new home!’

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Father Mark Payne and the team at St Pancras for giving us a ‘roof over our heads’ in the last 4 months. We’d also like to express our gratitude to Father Simon Holland and his team for providing us with a new ‘Four Streets’ home for the future. 

Although we are not a ‘faith’ based group and we support people of all faiths and none – without the help of these two amazing Chichester churches the Four Streets Project would have struggled to exist safely  throughout the Covid 19  pandemic – thank you all – from the bottom of our hearts! 

We look forward to seeing you all at our new home and to helping those in need in Chichester now and in the future.

Donna Ockenden- Founder and volunteer – The Four Streets Project On behalf of all volunteers.

June 2020

Thank you to staff and pupils at Portsmouth High School for Girls for all their support in the last year, we are so grateful and look forward to seeing you all after the summer holidays

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