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November 2019

Centrepoint has been giving homeless young people a better future for 50 years. In 2019 alone, more than 100,000 young people found themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness. Family breakdown is the leading cause of youth homelessness and young people today are spending more of their income on rent and experiencing higher levels of debt than ever before. For five decades Centrepoint has worked tirelessly to give homeless young people a future by providing them a home, helping them into work, and supporting them with their mental and physical health.

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November 2019

Councils in England have spent more than a billion pounds on temporary accommodation for homeless people in the past year – up 78 per cent in the last five years, new figures show. Campaigners warned the housing crisis was forcing local authorities to spend vast sums of money on “unsuitable” emergency accommodation after government data revealed £1.1bn was spent on B&Bs, hostels and other temporary shelter in the 12 months to March 2019. Nearly a third (30 per cent) of this was spent on emergency B&Bs – up 111 per cent in five years – despite the fact that this form of accommodation is considered some of the worst for families with children to live in.

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November 2019

Aston Martin has partnered with Centrepoint to raise £1,000,000 to provide accommodation and help to homeless young people between the ages of 16 – 25. Music stars Rita Ora and Duran Duran attended an event along with The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, the charity’s official patron, alongside Aston Martin’s president and group chief executive officer. The Duke of Cambridge spoke with young people from Centrepoint who have completed work placements at Aston Martin, and those who are due to start apprenticeships in 2020.

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November 2019

Homeless charities have called for greater awareness of people sleeping in wheelie bins after two men were almost killed by treacherous floodwater in Nottinghamshire. The pair became trapped in an industrial container after the River Ryton burst its banks following heavy rain in Worksop the fire service said.

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November 2019

A mother has told how she was made homeless just days before giving birth. Sam, 31, and husband Rahul were evicted from their shared London house well into the third trimester after their landlord insisted they couldn’t stay in the accommodation with a baby. Cameras from Channel 4’s Dispatches: Born Homeless followed the couple as they were moved into a cramped, dingy hostel room before being relocated to a basic studio for son Elijah’s birth. Speaking on the programme, Sam, who has a Masters degree, admitted she ‘never thought’ an ‘ordinary’ woman like herself would be made homeless.

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November 2019

Earlier in the year The Guardian set out to look at the sharpest end of homelessness – not simply those who live on the streets but those who die on them or in emergency accommodation. Homelessness had become omnipresent in Britain. According to the last Shelter report, at least 320,000 people are homeless, almost 5,000 are rough sleeping and 726 people died homeless in England and Wales in 2018, a rise of 22% from 2017. Most of those 726 would have been street homeless or in emergency accommodation.

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