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December 2019

The BBC reports that homelessness is on the rise in England – 280,000 people are homeless. This figure is up 23,000 since 2016, according to the charity Shelter. Last year, at least 726 homeless people died in England and Wales. Two in three British people want to help when they see a homeless person, but aren’t always sure how to, research by charity Crisis shows.

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December 2019

The metro covers the story of Paul, who found himself homeless after his personal circumstances changed. An outreach worker from the charity St Mungos offered support and the article covers the developments of what happened to Paul.

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December 2019

The Prime Minister has put tackling homelessness and rough sleeping firmly at the heart of the government’s agenda by announcing over £260 million for local homelessness services. Over 300 councils across England will receive a share of the funding to support homeless people in their areas.

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December 2019

The number of children set to be homeless this Christmas is the highest in 12 years, with 135,000 youngsters currently without a home or living in temporary accommodation, new figures show.
An analysis of data by charity Shelter shows a child currently becomes homeless every eight minutes, meaning 4,026 children are set to lose their homes between the beginning of December and Christmas day.

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December 2019

HSBC are offering bank accounts to people who are homeless. Banks typically require photo ID, as well as proof of address, to open an account but with the new HSBC service, the charity’s address can be used instead. Following a successful pilot in Liverpool, the service is now live in 31 branches in major UK cities including London, Birmingham and Manchester. More locations will be added in the new year. More than 80 accounts were opened during the pilot, one of whom belonged to a Liverpool man who had been homeless for 12 years. Opening a bank account meant he could claim benefits for the first time in over a decade and has now been put on the housing list.

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December 2019

Depaul UK has more than 30 Nightstop projects across the UK, from Glasgow to Guernsey, funded in part by the People’s Postcode Lottery. It offers same-night emergency accommodation for 16- to 25-year-olds. In a survey last year, Depaul found that 55 per cent of young people who become homeless first leave stable accommodation due to a relationship breakdown. Almost 60 per cent became homeless when they were children.

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December 2019

The Guardian and other media outlets report that an estimated 280,000 homeless people will be rough sleeping, or living in temporary housing and hostels in England on Christmas Day – about one in every 200 of the total population, according to the charity Shelter. The housing charity’s figure, which is likely to understate the true level of homelessness because it does not count people who are sofa-surfing or living in sheds or tents, is 3,600 higher than in 2018, and up 23,000 since 2017.

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December 2019

More than 8,000 university students in the UK are estranged from their families, with no relationship with their parents, new figures show. They often experience severe financial difficulties, loneliness and even homelessness during the holidays. Research by the Stand Alone charity, which supports estranged adults, suggests such students are three times as likely to drop out. It says around 30% have faced homelessness.

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December 2019

Around 135,000 children in Britain are homeless, living in temporary accommodation, according to a report launched by Shelter – which is the highest number in 12 years. For the first time, the charity has exposed the frequency with which children are becoming homeless, as its Generation Homeless report reveals a child loses their home every eight minutes. This is the equivalent of 183 children per day, enough to fill 2.5 double decker buses.

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