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May 2021

The ban on evictions is due to end on 31 May and it will put thousands tenants at risk of being forced out. 

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May 2021

The Housing Executive reported a 150% increase in demand for emergency accommodation in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

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April 2021

As emergency measures come to an end to deal with homelessness in the pandemic, the charity Shelter UK is warning councils not to abandon rough sleepers.

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April 2021

Councils can house those not entitled to support in pandemic, high court rules

Council did not house a refused asylum seeker from Zimbabwe who came to the UK fleeing persecution, as his immigration status meant he had no recourse to public funds.

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March 2021

The Guardian reports that millions sign up to anti-food-waste apps to share their unused produce but food waste in the UK remains a major concern Read more here:

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March 2021

The Home Office has quietly relaunched a controversial programme that uses councils and homelessness charities to obtain personal data that could lead to the deportation of non-UK rough sleepers.

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